Frequently Asked Questions

SkyClear offers you the best European certified systems in a sliding or stack-away option, manufactured by Hillaldam Sliding Door Systems. We custom make each door to your requirements. We assist with the design, and will advise what application will best suited to you. SkyClear can offer you different frameless glass options that will ensure you benefit from the open frameless glass living experience.

Stack-away systems are recommended if you have a opening that you want to be able to open to the maximum width when in it’s open position.  In order for the system to be applicable you need enough space on the inside or outside to allow for the stacking sequence. 

The more panels you have, the wider the stack becomes when in an open position. The stack-away system can also be opened only partially.  You may want to open only one or two panels for ventilation as all panels stack individually. This application is usually suited for an entertainment area and is also the most weather and wind proof system.

Sliding door systems are recommended if you have a opening that you want to capture your view and allow for the natural light, however don’t have the luxury of space for the stacking option. 

It is often used on balconies with balustrades on the outside. 

The sliding system is surface mounted and an easier install process, with less prior preparation or changes to existing floor surfaces. It is also very user-friendly for different members of the family.

Yes it is possible to replace existing outdated aluminium sliding or stacking systems, with the minimum disruption to existing finish of floor and plaster detail. 

SkyClear will assist with the entire process, removing the existing doors and installing the new frameless systems. This option is often considered as part of an upgrade and makes big difference in value of property.

There are no frameless glass systems that are 100% waterproof. The systems are 95% weather proof and it is always recommended that the correct preparation is done prior to install. 

We use 10mm or 12mm toughened glass depending on the height and width of the panels. The glass is stronger than laminated glass, however has no UV properties. 

We can offer performance glass options if required such as Low E, Solar E, Grey tint, Bronze tint.

Yes we offer a 5-year warranty on our systems which is supported by Hillaldam Sliding Systems. 

The systems do need minor adjustments from time to time and it is advised to check in with us once every 12-18 months for a service.

Yes , the systems are secure. The toughened glass is much stronger than laminated glass. We also offer different locking mechanisms.